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Link Interactive offers a line up of easy to install monitored DIY wireless home security systems, home automation and life safety products. Link Interactive Home Security products & systems are easy to install, customizable to your home’s needs and best of all… they’re affordable. Professionally monitored home security systems that you install yourself and are backed by an A+ BBB rating and over 60 years of experience.

Click on the link below to visit Link Interactive or call toll free 844-550-6805 for a free quote. 

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About Link Interactive

Link Interactive offers easy to install wireless diy home security systems, life safety and home automation products. They offer the highest quality customer support before, during and after the self-installation process via live chat, phone, email, skype, and easy-to-follow videos. You dont have to be handy or an electrician to install a Link Interactive DIY Home Security System. 

Link Interactive Home Security has over 60 years of experience in providing monitored home security. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, several Angie’s List Super Service Awards and 1000’s of 5 star online reviews. Link Interactive offers 100% wireless monitored DIY home security systems that are backed up by 24/7 central station monitoring. This 24/7 monitoring gives them the ability to contact you through a 2-way voice panel, call for emergency medical services if you don’t respond, and even call the police for you if your home is invaded.

Why Buy Link Interactive?

  • The offer the same quality home security protection… without having an installer ever enter your home. No more unknown people coming into your home to install a system. Its 100% DIY friendly. 
  • Crash and Smash Protection on ALL plan levels. If a burglar Crashes through your window and attempts to Smash (destroy) your alarm panel, your system still works. If the panel suddenly goes ‘off-line’ before sending either a ‘disarm’ or ‘emergency’ signal it reports a suspected Crash and Smash event to the central monitoring station. 
  • Link Interactive has 1000’s of 5 star reviews and an A+ BBB Rating
  • 60+ years of experience providing home security solutions
  • Link Interactive DIY security systems allow you to customize your security. You’re getting whats right for YOUR home and your family. No one size fits all system. You pick what you want, whats right for you. 
  • DIY customization also allows you to work within your budget, giving you the ability to get the protection of a home security system at an affordable price. If you dont need something, simply dont buy it. You add on what you need. 
  • Setting up a DIY alarm system is simple. You don’t need to be an electrician or have a background of being handy to install one of their systems. In fact 92% of Link Interactive customers said it was EASY to install their security system.
  • According to a UNC Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice study done of convicted burglars; about 83% of burglars look for the presence of a security system when deciding to burglarize a home. Almost half in the survery would seek an alternate target. A Link Interactive home security system is a deterrent to would be burglars.
  • Security cameras create evidence. Seeing a home with installed cameras will sometimes be enough to keep burglars away from your home. Easy to install add ons like security cameras tell a criminal they are being watched, will be seen and are on notice. Make your home stand out as the one they dont want to break into. 
  • Buying a Link Interactive wireless DIY home security system lets burglars know your home is being monitored by their 24/7 watchful eye always ready to dispatch the police, fire or EMS. 

What makes Link Interactive Home Security Different?

  • 100% Cellular Monitoring – No need for a  landline. Link Interactive panels come with the most reliable cellular connection.
  • 2 Way Voice Panel – Cut response times in half and talk directly with the Central Monitoring Station directly through the panel during an emergency or break in. 
  • Crash and Smash protection offered on ALL monitoring plans – What is crash and smash? This is a feature to stop a burglar from targeting your alarm panel in an attempt to stop the alarm. Even if they crash or smash it, it still functions. If the panel suddenly goes ‘off-line’ before sending either a ‘disarm’ or ‘emergency’ signal it reports a suspected Crash and Smash event to the central monitoring station. 
  • 1, 2 and 3 year contracts – You dont have to be stuck in a long term contract. Link offers 3 different contract lengths so you can choose whats best for your family. 
  • 3 Year Guaranteed Rate Lock – Link Interactive locks in your rate for the length of your contract.
  • 3 Year Warranty on All Equipment – Even the best equipment can break sometimes. Link offers a 3 year warranty on all their equipment.
  • Lowest Monthly Prices – At less than half the price of some of the other security companies. Great protection at an affordable price. 

Products Link Interactive Offers:

Home Security Equipment

Link Interactive offers a selection of DIY wireless home security equipment. Motion sensors, window and door sensors to alert you if anyone is enters your home. Manage all your DIY security equipment from one central alarm control panel. Instantly get alerts for shattering glass with our wireless glass break sensor. Other home security products and equipment that Link Interactive offers include panic buttons, remotes and much more. With the easy to use app your can control and view this equipment right on your phone or tablet. Start building up your home’s security with top rated equipment from Link Interactive today.

Life Safety Products

Be alerted to trouble at home with the life safety equipment from Link Interactive. Some of Link Interactives products include smoke sensors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, which can be integrated right to the central control center.

Home Automation Products

Monitor and control your home with Link Interactive’s wide selection of home automation products. Contol lighting and even door locks. Integrate these products with a simple to use app and control every function wherever you are. Some of the home automation products Link Interactive offers include thermostats, deadbolts, light dimmers, and more.

Home Security Cameras

Link interactive offers security cameras for both home and business security purposes. Security cameras serve as a visual deterrent to burglars. They offer a video monitoring through where you can stream live feed on nearly any device. Link Interactive’s selection of security cameras also include night vision cameras and pan/tilt cameras. You can monitor your home while on vacation or while at work. Always know whats going on at home with a home security camera from Link Interactive Home Security.

Take control of your home security with Link Interactive.

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