Door Devil Doorway Reinforcement Kit


Door Devil Reinforcement Kit

Your homes doors are vulnerable to a simple kick. Buy an anti kick resitant doorway reinforcement kit from Door Devil today. Door security is your first line of defense. There is one inch of wood protecting you from the outside forces that with a simply kick can enter your home. The area around your deadbolt is hollowed out to accomodate the lock. Its weak and easily kicked in. Door Devil is a passive anti-kick in door reinforment plate that mounts in minutes and provides 2000 pounds of force resitance. Free Shipping


Buy A Door Devil – Add Layers Of Security

Once your home security system sounds off, It’s already too late. A buglar has already entered your home. Door security your first line of defense against home invasion and burglary. Most home break ins occur through front doors. A home security system is always recommended but you need to also focus on keeping burglars and home invaders out of the home in the first place.  

Door Devil was created to help homeowners secure their homes doors at an affordable price. Door Devil provides an extra layer of defense against common kick-in burglaries. If you want to buy a Door Devil you must first understand that home security is about layers of protection, not just one installed device. Adding layers of defense such as Alarm Systems, Video Systems and Door Devils significantly increase the chances that your home will either not be targeted and/or able to successfully repel an attack. The goal is to follow best security practices such as making sure you use lights, visual deterrents such as alarm yard signs, keeping bushes trimmed below window lines, having an alarm system and installing a door security device like a Door Devil. This will ensure you have multiple layers of protection at your home. 

What is a Door Devil

Door Devil is a doorway reinforcement kit that:

  • Is specifically designed to prevent burglars from kicking in residential exterior doors
  • Can be installed by the average DIY homeowner in 30-45 minutes.
  • Used to repair or strengthen damaged door frames for hundreds less than it costs to replace an entire doorway.
  • Protects both the deadbolt side and hinge side of your doorway
  • Has an attractive durable white finish that blends into your doorframe
  • Has protected US Embassy Personnel
  • Is Easy to install and comes with all neede hardware and even the drill bits needed to complete the installation

Door Devil immediately raises the force your doorway can withstand from approximately 300 lbs of force to an estimated 2,000 lbs of force.

Whats Included in the Door Devil Kit

Door Devil includes everything you need to install your kit right down to the drill bits. Door Devil is the only door reinforcement kit that not only includes the hardware and bits, but easy and clear installation instructions. You can install this kit in minutes rather than hours. 

  • (1) Door Devil Steel Reinforcement Plate ( this protects the doorframe area that fails under a forced kick in)
  • (1) Door Devil Door Edge Guard (this protects the area around the locks that experiences force)
  • (1) Door Devil Hinge Bolt Set (this protects the often unprotected hinge side of the door)
  • (1) Installation Kit ( this includes instructions that are easy to follow, drill bits needed and all screws/hardware)
  • (1) Yard sign ( display this to let bad guy know your door is kick resistant)


You can add some security to your doors with a simple to install door devil which helps prevent door kick ins seen in burglaries. The most common entry point for a burglar, invader, whatnot are your doors. Bad guys are lazy and do not want to climb through windows, break glass, or be seen smashing it by neighbors. they want a swift kick and come in through the front or back door. Passer bys will just see someone walking and it will look as if someone who is supposed to be there is entering the home as per usual. Many do not know this, weve all seen it in movies where they kick down the door and it looks easy? Its not as easy as on TV but its far less hard than you think. Theres only about a half inch to inch of wood between you and the outside world. Think about that. 1 inch of wood. Open your door and look where the deadbolt hole in the frame is. Look to the left and right and you will see its probably less than an inch. THIS IS THE FAILURE POINT AND THE POINT WHERE THEY KICK. Why? because you have already hollowed it out to accomadate the deadbolt and they know this. Its wood with a hole in it, of course its weak. You can buy a $200 deadbolt or a $30 one and its the same weakened area they will kick in. It snaps under a suprisingly low amount of force. Door Devil makes that frame area, weak area around the knobs using a slender, astheticly pleasing piece of poweder coated steel and long screwws that reach past that weakend wood area into the studs behind the doorframe for strength. We also suggest having a security system and in addition to installing a door devil adding a door brace.





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