Lil Guy Stun Gun

Stun Master Lil Guy Stun Gun

The Stun Master Lil Guy pocket sized stun gun is one of the best non lethal self defense weapons for men & women on the market today. People are becoming more concerned about their safety and we feel its important if you are going to search for a self defense weapon, especially a non lethal one, that you choose a top rated, easy to use device like the Stun Master Lil Guy. Lil Guy comes fully equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, slide out charging prongs that eliminate the need for any additional chargers or cords, a bright 120 lumen LED flashlight that not only adds safety, but make it a useful every day item for tasks around the home and a nylon holster with belt loop for easy storing and carrying. Always affordable priced, the Stun Master Lil Guy Stun Gun is a self-defense deal. The lil guy flashlight stun gun is available in Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Purple. 

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