About Taser

The most common question we get asked is what is a Taser? A Taser is an electroshock weapon that uses electricity to disrupt voluntary muscle control. Unlike a stun gun that requires up close contact, a taser fires dart like projectiles that carry the electrical probes that pierce the skin of an attacker to deliver the “pulse” of electricity. The electrical current takes over the control of the muscles causing neuromuscular incapacitation. This is a fancy way of saying it takes hold of the muscles and confuses them to the point they ( the attacker) doesnt have full control of them. Taser is ideal because it has a long firing range and keeps a distance between you and an assailant. The intuitive gun design allows you to draw, aim and fire the dart projectiles into them, hit them with the electricity and escape without having to be up close. What also make Taser a cut about a traditional stun gun is that along with the darts the fire from it, it can also be used up close as a contact stun device as well. You essentially get two chances to take someone down and stop their initial intent with one device thats been proven by law enforcement for years. Be sure to check in your area if you are legally allowed to carry a dart firing or shooting stun gun like a taser. You must be 18 years of age to purchase a Taser from ProtectnPrep. 

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