Dog Pepper Spray

Why Buy Dog Repellent Pepper Spray?

Dog Pepper Spray is one of the greatest measures you can take to prevent a dog bite. With over 4.5 million people bitten by dogs each year it only makes sense to carry some protection with you. EPA regulated and specifically designed for use on dogs and their particular senses, dog pepper sprays are truly unlike traditional pepper sprays used on people. Dog Repellent Pepper Spray is designed for use against canine attacks. Do not use human protection pepper spray against a dog. It is inhumane. Dogs cannot flush the pepper spray out naturally like we as people can. That is why they manufacture and we offer a defense spray specifically for use against dogs. Bicycling, walking, or jogging you will at some point encounter a dog, so be prepared with a safe and humane way to defend yourself and buy a dog pepper spray today.

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