Legacy Food Storage

Legacy Food Storage

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In an effort to give our customers more ways to be prepared, ProtectnPrep has become an affiliate of Legacy Food Storage. You can now shop their full range of products; Long Term Food Storage, Emergency Food Storage, Freeze Dried Meals, Food Storage Buckets, Bulk Meal Packages, Gluten Free Food Storage and more simply by clicking on any of the provided links.

About Legacy Food Storage 

Legacy Food Storage has one main focus; provide families and individuals with the highest quality food storage available online. How do they do that? Legacy Premium Food Storage has a 100% commitment to providing the highest quality products, Guarantees the lowest prices, and offers Free Shipping. You are your family will be eating delicious food storage meals that are backed by a customer focussed company that delivers quality meals.

Food Storage during a storm

There is a personal reason why we are so proud to be affiliates of Legacy Food Storage. As recent victims of Hurricane Irma we know first hand the importance of having an emergency food storage supply during a storm. Grocery store shelves had been wiped out days before the storm and now that the storm had passed, we were without power. Although we were hot and worried about when things would get back to normal, one thing we didnt have to worry about was food. We had hot meals and the energy we needed to stay focussed thanks to a food storage bucket we had in our closet. We know the value of a food storage bucket and want your family to have the same peace of mind. Knowing that no matter what a storm may bring, you will eat real meals. With Legacy you get long shelf life and delicious meals at affordable prices backed by their 100% commitment to quality. 

Legacy Food Storage

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