Alert1 Medical Alert Systems

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In an effort to give our customers more ways to be safe, ProtectnPrep has become an affiliate of Alert1 Medical Alert Systems. You can now shop their full range of products; Home Medical Alert, Home Fall Detection, Mobile Fall Protection and more simply by clicking on any of the provided links. Its part of our committment to offer you the widest product range possible and we are proud to be affiliates of Alert1 and share their great senior safety products with you. Click on the banner above to be taken directly to their site where you can shop and receive their top rated customer service. 

About Alert1

Alert1 and their line-up of senior safety devices and fall detection services help seniors live a safer life and keep their independence. Alert1 medical alert system company focusses on three primary areas of senior care technology; Home Medical Alert, Home Fall Detection and Mobile Fall Protection. Get the help you need with the simple press of a button. Seniors can stay at home and in the event of a fall they can receive the help they need from Emergency Services. Help is always just a press of a button away with Alert1. You get peace of mind knowing your loved ones have the help they need at a moments notice when you cant be there. Long gone are the days of the past where an aging parent is alone without assistance should they have a fall or are in need of medical assistance. You cant always be there for them but Alert1 can. Low monthly cost, easy set up, fast shipping and top notch service are standard with every Alert1 Medical Alert System. They specialize in one thing, keeping seniors safe. 

Reasons to choose Alert1

No Contracts No Long-term Contracts Required – We don’t make you sign a long-term contract at Alert1. We offer an annual plan for the best value and a monthly plan for the most flexibility. We do not require a long- term commitment because we know that you will love your medical alert service.
Highly Recommended Highly Recommended – The love keeps coming from our members, read our reviews on Yelp®, Consumer Affairs®, the Better Business Bureau®, Angie’s List® or on our own site. In fact, referrals from existing medical alert customers are our best source of new members. That word of mouth comes from the result of years of dedication to our medical alarm systems and the safety of seniors. If you refer your friends or family, you can earn an additional month of service for you and your referral. 
Unlimited Talk Time Unlimited Button Pushes – Every Alert1 plan comes with unlimited talk time and button pushes to our members. You are never charged for the amount of button presses or for accidental presses. You can even use your button if you just want a conversation with someone. We do not hide our pricing from you. All pricing options are clearly stated online for your convenience. With Alert1, you know all your fees upfront.
Qualified Monitoring Qualified Monitoring – How do you know the operator responding to your emergency call is reliable? Our Command Centers are TMA 5 Diamond Certified. This means our operators go through a rigorous training program so they know how to handle and help you through any situation. At Alert1, we always stay on the phone with our members during an emergency. We would never want you to be alone in a scary situation. At Alert1, all our products go through UL’s rigorous testing protocols. We do this to certify that your medical alert device is always safe and fully functional.
Hassle Free Returns Hassle-Free Shipping – Alert1 offers next-day, two-day, and 1-5 day priority shipping options for our members. We want to ensure you get the fast help you need. Help delayed is help denied.
Nationwide Service Nationwide Service – Alert1 provides service across the entire United States. We work with your local emergency services—EMT, Fire, Police, etc.—to ensure you or your loved one gets help immediately in any emergency. US-based means we are not outsourcing your loved ones to another country. All of Senior Care Specialists and Command Center operators are based here in the United States. With Alert1, you will be treated like family.
Multilingual Protection Multilingual Protection – Do you feel more comfortable in another language? When you are in need of help, you don’t want to struggle with another language. Our Command Center supports 190 languages. Alert1 wants you to feel at ease when speaking with our operators and asking for help. No matter which language you speak, the Alert1 Command Center will take care of you.

Click on the image to be directed to Alert1 and learn more