Self Defense Products, Home Security and Personal Security Products

ProtectnPrep is a family owned online store carrying self-defense products and personal security products. Mace pepper spray, stun guns and self defense keychains. We have worked hard to create relationships with the best distributors and top manufacturers to offer you name brand, quality self defense products, personal security and safety products you can depend on. Some of our featured brands include Mace brand pepper spray, Fox Labs pepper spray, Pepper Shot pepper spray, the hottest pepper spray Wildfire and more. Our line-up of stun guns includes Stun Master stun guns featuring their lil guy stun gun, Guard Dog Security stun guns as well as Streetwise  Batons, Guard Dog Security Tactical Flashlights, consistently top 10 rated Monster stun guns and Survivor stun gun flashlights and many more. We have the affordable online self defense products you and your family need to be safe.

In addition to keeping you protected while away, we have home security products and devices to help keep you and your valuables safe. We offer home security systems from Link Interactive Home Security and their complete line of Interactive Home Security, Video monitoring, Access & Home Automation. Protectnprep also carries The Door Devil door jamb reinforcement kit that resists forced entry into your home and strengthens your doorway. 

Our goal is to be your #1 source for Self Defense and Security.

Why choose our Self Defense Products?

Our Self Defense Products & Equipment are top quality. Whether you are out jogging in the park or walking to your car after work, our self-defense products are designed to keep you safe. We are here to help, to educate and provide budget friendly options. We are family owned and know the value of each customer and even more the value of every dollar they spend. We offer a wide selection of selectively sourced products to give you the best balance between reliability and affordability without ever having to sacrifice on quality.

We are proud to say that all of our Pepper Spray, Defense Sprays, Mace Pepper Sprays, Mace Defense Sprays, Large Pepper Sprays, Home Defense Pepper Sprays, Pepper Spray Foggers, Police Pepper Sprays, Home Defense Pepper Sprays, Animal Repellent Pepper Sprays, Pink Pepper Sprays, Keychain Pepper Sprays, Pepper Spray Keychains, Dog Repellent Pepper Sprays, Bear Pepper Sprays and Self Defense Pepper Sprays are made and/or filled right here in the U.S. For those wanting more non lethal self defense solutions we proudly offer a wide range of stun guns and stun devices. All of our Stun Guns, Flashlight Stun Guns, Baton Stun Guns, Police Stun Guns, Cell Phone Stun Guns, Womens Stun Guns, Pink Stun Guns, Compact Stun Guns, Rechargeable Stun Guns, Mini Stun Guns, Fashion Stun Guns, Disguised Stun Guns are top rated, consumer tested and all from leading brands.

Pepper Spray Brands We Offer:

ProtectnPrep offers one of the most comprehensive line-ups of self defense pepper sprays online. We carry only top rated, US made pepper spray from reliable and trusted brands you can depend on. From the hottest pepper spray Wildfire, to police pepper sprays from Fox Labs to the most trusted brand of self defense sprays, Mace Pepper Spray, youre sure to find the right style and strength. 

  • Mace Pepper Spray
  • Wildfire Pepper Spray
  • Pepper Shot Pepper Spray
  • Guard Dog Security Pepper Spray
  • Fox Labs Pepper Spray
  • Streetwise Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Styles We Offer:

Pepper spray comes in many styles. If you want a pepper spray to carry to and from your car after work, buy a keychain pepper spray. If you want to defend your apartment, home or RV, buy a large pepper spray. No matter where you need it, there’s a pepper spray thats right for the job and we have it. 

  • Keychain Pepper Spray
  • Purse Pepper Spray
  • Soft and Hard Case Keychain Pepper Spray
  • Pepper Spray for Women
  • Police Pepper Spray
  • Gel Pepper Spray
  • Dog Pepper Spray
  • Bear Pepper Spray
  • Pink Pepper Spray
  • Jogger and Athletic Pepper Spray
  • Fashion Pepper Spray
  • Large Pepper Sprays

Mace Pepper Spray we offer

Mace has over 40 years of experience making pepper sprays. In their many years, they have developed a pepper spray for every need. Whether you like the outdoors and want an athletic/jogger pepper spray or bear spray or want a night out on the town and want a discreet lipstick pepper spray, Mace has the right protection no matter what style you need. 

  • Mace Keychains
  • Mace Lipstick Pepper Spray
  • Mace Triple Action Pepper Spray
  • Mace Gel Pepper Spray
  • Mace Jogger/Athletic Pepper Spray
  • Mace Pepper Guns
  • Mace Bear Spray
  • Mace Pepper Foam

Stun Gun Brands We Offer 

ProtectnPrep offers the most comprehensive line up of stun guns online. Whether youre looking to buy a stun gun for yourself or a loved one, you can count on these trusted brands that can help keep you safer when danger approaches. From mini stun guns that fit so small they fit on a keychain to top reviewed mini stun guns with built in flashlights for added safety, you will surely find the right style of stun gun to meet your specific needs. 

  • Safety Technology Stun Guns
  • Stun Master Stun Guns
  • Guard Dog Stun Guns
  • Runt Stun Guns
  • Monster Stun Guns
  • Cheetah Stun Guns
  • Survivor Stun Guns
  • Multiguard Stun Guns
  • Zap Stun Guns
  • Streetwise Stun Guns

Stun Gun Styles We Offer

Thinking about buying a stun gun but dont know what style to get? Weve made shopping for a stun guns easy. Weve narrowed down the most popular types of stun guns and placed them into convenient categories for you. So whether you are looking for a stun gun for women, flashlight stun gun, a stun gun to carry in your purse, you will be sure to find the stun gun you need. 

  • Flashlight Stun Guns
  • Stun Guns For Women
  • Stun Batons
  • Pink Stun Guns
  • Rechargeable Stun Guns
  • Purse Stun Guns
  • Knuckle Stun Guns
  • Mini Stun Guns
  • Disguised Stun Guns
  • Lipstick Stun Guns

We hope you enjoy shopping at ProtectnPrep and we thank you for your business. 

To make your shopping an even better value, we offer low $7.95 Flat Rate shipping on all of our self defense products, pepper sprays, stun guns, mace pepper spray. So whether you buy one or three, you pay one low price to get it. We also offer Free Shipping on orders of $149 and up.